Coffeeberry® Brand coffee fruit is a line of powders and concentrates of the whole fruit of the coffee plant, including the bean. Coffeeberry® coffee fruit products present the opportunity to invigorate traditional coffee offerings with the distinctive appeal and profile of the vibrant, iconic, yet historically overlooked, red coffee fruit. The Coffeeberry® story combines the romance of a right-under-our-nose discovery with the sustainable utilization of a heretofore agricultural waste product in an exclusive, globally-patented line of next generation coffee ingredients.

Available as whole coffee fruit powder and whole coffee fruit liquid and powder extracts, Coffeeberry® products are a perfect value-add that is versatile enough to be used in any conceivable coffee application, including: stick packs, instant and ground coffee, ready-to-drink coffee beverages, coffee flavor shots, and more. Coffeeberry® Brand coffee fruit products are GRAS, non-GMO, and exclusively available from FutureCeuticals.

Coffee Fruit Powder, N287.1

Coffee Fruit Powder, Organic, N447

Coffee Fruit Granules, N287

Coffee Fruit Granules, Organic, N287.5

Coffee Fruit Soluble Powder, N1238

Coffee Fruit Soluble Powder, Organic, N1238.1

Coffee Fruit Extract, N580

Coffee Fruit Extract for Cosmetics, N1025

Coffee Fruit Extract for Cosmetics, Organic, N1025.1

Coffeeberry® Energy Coffee Fruit Caffeine, N920.4

Coffeeberry® Energy Coffee Fruit Caffeine, Organic, N1205